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A Guide to Deliciously Sweet Pastries November 28, 2018

North Shore, Koolauloa
A Guide to Deliciously Sweet Pastries, Koolauloa, Hawaii

Entering a bakery can be an all-consuming experience. Sweet scents waft through the air as freshly baked pastries line the glass display cases. It’s an inviting sight that evokes temptation—and maybe a little bit of confusion from time to time, too. Some baked goods resemble one another and can be difficult to discern. You can narrow down your preferences by reading through this handy guide.

4 Types of Different Pastries & Their Sugary Qualities

1. Éclair

pastriesThe delicate éclair is a long, fluffy piece of baked dough traditionally filled with custard or flavored cream. It’s finished with chocolate glaze or icing, yielding a light, airy, moderately sweet pastry. The first éclair dates to early 19th century France. Since then, the dessert has evolved, and many bakers experiment with different types of fillings and glazes to yield modern-day variations.

2. Danishes

Danishes are breakfast favorites in many parts of the world. The pastry was an accidental surprise that occurred when a French chef forgot to add butter to flour as he made dessert. He tried to make up for it by adding some to the dough—and the result was the airy Danish. Today, this dessert is made with different fillings, ranging from nuts and fruits to creams and cheeses. 

3. Turnovers

Turnovers are flaky, often tender puff pastries that feature layers of dough surrounding a choice of sweet or savory fillings. The dough is first filled with the ingredient of choice, then folded over and baked until golden. Some turnovers are topped with glaze, icing, or powdered sugar for a sweet finishing touch, but savory versions can be sprinkled with salt, sesame seeds, or salt.

4. Beignets

You may occasionally see French doughnuts on the menu. Also known as beignets, this square-shaped nugget is a deep-fried pastry dusted with powdered sugar. The result is a soft, airy bite. Sometimes bakers pipe filling into the dough for added flavor—from cream to chocolate to jam. Otherwise, the pastry is simple and makes a classic partner for a cup of coffee.



If you’re craving mouthwatering pastries at any time of the day, you’ll always find something fresh at Ted’s Bakery. Located in Haleiwa, HI, this North Oahu family-owned establishment offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. To compliment your meal, stop by their bakery section to taste pies and cakes. Visit the restaurant’s website to browse their bakery menu, or give them a call at (808) 638-8207.

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