North Shore, Hawaii

Ted's Bakery

Ted's Bakery

59-024 Kamehameha Hwy
Haleiwa, HI 96712
(808) 638-8207
Ted's Bakery, Restaurants, Restaurants and Food, Haleiwa, Hawaii

Are you looking for a great restaurant where you can have wonderful food and sweet treats? Satisfy both of your cravings at Ted’s Bakery in Haleiwa, HI. Located on the famous Sunset Beach in North Oahu, this family owned and operated restaurant and bakery is a favorite for both locals and visitors alike.

Home to the original chocolate haupia cream pie, Ted’s Bakery takes great pride in their reputation for delectable desserts, delicious food, and delightful service. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, inviting their customers to enjoy savory entrées like garlic shrimp, loco moco, and fried rice or sweet and decadent desserts like signature cakes and pies. They have expanded their menu in recent years to also include specialty coffees, smoothies, and teas.

The staff at Ted’s Bakery is committed to doing their part to make your dining experience positive and pleasant, recommending and guiding customers to dishes and desserts they’re sure to love. Feel free to ask about their personal favorites to get some inspiration. If you love Ted’s Bakery and want to share that with the world, take some time to explore their merchandise, including t-shirts and coffee cups.

When you’re making plans for a tasty breakfast or your next night out, visit Ted's Bakery. Call them today at (808) 638-8207 for information on their lunch and dinner menus or visit their website for an extensive list of their bakery items.

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