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How Exactly Do Laser Toner Cartridges Work? October 12, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
How Exactly Do Laser Toner Cartridges Work?, Staten Island, New York

Whether you’re writing with a pen or using an inkjet printer, transferring letters and images to paper usually relies on liquid ink. But if you use a laser printer, you’re actually printing with a form of powdered plastic. At first glance, using powder may not seem like an effective way to print. But in reality, laser toner cartridges are considered to be faster and more efficient than their inkjet counterparts. To help demystify this essential office product, here are a few interesting details to know about toner cartridges and how they work.

Basic Guide to Laser Toner

What Does a Laser Toner Cartridge Contain?

Inside the cartridge is a dry mix of powdered materials used to transfer color to paper. The majority of the mixture consists of polyester. Pigments are added to produce the intended color—such as carbon black, yellow, red, and blue.

laser tonerThere are also several components inside the toner that serve functions other than producing color. For example, to prevent these particles from sticking to fuser rollers inside the printer, a wax similar to polyester is added to the toner. Fumed silica—a type of glass bead—helps prevent particles from sticking together, allowing your printer to work quickly. Zinc, chromium, and iron may also be used to maintain the electric charge of toner particles.

How Does a Laser Toner Cartridge Print?

First, the printer activates a photoreceptor drum with an electric charge. Next, a laser light is reflected onto the drum in a pattern that reproduces the image you are printing. At this point, the rollers in the toner spread colored particles onto the drum so that they only attach to areas where a negative charge.

After the toner is on the drum, it is transferred onto paper as it passes through. The paper is moved through fuser rollers that use a combination of heat and pressure to bond the toner to the page.   

Why Should I Consider Laser Toner Over Inkjet?

If you currently use an inkjet printer, there are several reasons you might switch to a laser model. Most notably, laser toner technology allows printers to produce pages at a faster rate than inkjets. Thanks to the refined direction of the laser light, users also notice that images and text are printed with a higher precision than what an inkjet is capable of producing. While laser toner is more expensive, its long service life can make printing more economical than inkjet in the long-term.


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