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4 Easy Tips for Saving Printer Ink & Money May 4, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
4 Easy Tips for Saving Printer Ink & Money, Staten Island, New York

Whether you run a busy office or work remotely, you rely on your printer regularly to create documents and complete daily business. With frequent use, purchasing printer ink cartridges can be a major expense. If you’re looking for ways to conserve ink and save money, here are four tips to help your cartridges last longer. 

How to Conserve Your Printer Ink Cartridge

1. Print Cautiously

Print jobs are often repeated due to alignment problems and grammatical errors. Before sending a document to the printer, review each page carefully to make sure it’s ready. Additionally, when you print an online document, try selecting only the portion you need to avoid wasting ink and paper.

2. Check Your Ink Cartridges

PrinterWhen your printer indicates that ink levels are low, many individuals toss and replace their cartridges prematurely. Before disposing of the old ones, open your printer, remove the cartridges, and give them a shake. Ink can settle at the bottom and read as low by your device when it’s infrequently used. You may be able to print a few more documents before replenishing. 

3. Avoid Printing Colored Documents

If you’re preparing in-house files, to-do lists, or rough drafts, avoid printing in color. Stick to black and white to conserve your color ink and extend the life span of your cartridges.

4. Minimize Graphics

Even the best printers need more ink to successfully print graphics, charts, and graphs. Add graphics sparingly or consider making them smaller with text wrapped around to conserve space and your cartridges. 


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