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What's the Difference Between Inkjet & Laser Printers? November 22, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
What's the Difference Between Inkjet & Laser Printers? , Staten Island, New York

A new printer is a significant investment. That’s why choosing the right one is essential. The first step is picking between an inkjet or a laser printer, each of which has its benefits. Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. in Staten Island, NY, is the area’s most trusted computer and printer shop. Here, their team explains the differences between inkjet and laser printers to help you make an informed decision.


An inkjet printer uses ink, which it drops through microscopic nozzles onto the paper or label. The result is a digital image made up of a series of tiny dots. These machines, known for their ability to produce outstanding, color-balanced pictures, are the best choice for photos and image-heavy documents. However, because the ink is water-based, the image or text is more susceptible to water damage and fading. Inkjet printers are best for small workloads because they are slower than laser printers and have low-capacity paper trays. 


printer-staten-island-nyThe fundamental difference between inkjet and laser printers is the printing method. Laser printers use toner instead of ink. The printer uses a laser beam to fuse toner, an electrically-charged powder, to paper fibers. These printers are workhorses that can handle high-capacity loads. Although they take longer to warm up, they print far more quickly. Because of their precision capabilities, they’re best for documents with small fonts and fine lines. Lasers are more expensive than inkjet models, but toner cartridges go further and are less wasteful than ink cartridges. 

The choice between inkjet and laser printers depends primarily on the type of job you’ll be doing. Photographers, artists, and marketers may need an inkjet to produce clear, colorful images. Most businesses, however, use laser printers because of their efficiency and high capacity. For more information, stop by Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. or call (718) 317-1263 to speak with a friendly staff member. You can also visit the website to browse their products online. 

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