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Metal Processing Company Explains the Benefits of High-Definition Plasma May 1, 2018

Okolona, Central Jefferson
Metal Processing Company Explains the Benefits of High-Definition Plasma , Central Jefferson, Kentucky

Metal processing is notoriously difficult because the materials are so durable. Metal workers are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that produce better, cleaner cuts and simplify the fabrication process. Some years ago, a new steel-cutting technology–the high-definition plasma machine–emerged to enormous popularity and success. American Metal Supply, a steel distributor serving Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH, explains below what high-def plasma is and why metal processing companies have embraced it so enthusiastically.

What Is High-Def Plasma?

Metal processingA high-definition plasma machine creates an exceptionally accurate cutting edge by blowing a gas at high speeds through a tight nozzle while applying a 400- to 800-amp electric current. The combination of electricity and gas becomes a plasma hot enough to slice through steel, and it moves at a speed fast enough to blow the resulting molten metal away from the cut. It can cut carbon steel at a thickness of 3 inches, but it works best with metal thicknesses of one inch or less.

What Are the Advantages of High-Def Plasma?

This type of metal processing technology offers several benefits over the alternatives. First, it speeds up the process considerably. It allows fabricators to cut metals of 2-inch thickness at twice the speed attained using oxyfuels. It also produces less dross and removes excess material, making chiseling and grinding unnecessary to finish the product. Finally, because of the speed of the process, much less heat transfer occurs, which reduces the chances of the materials warping, a common occurrence when cutting with oxyfuels.

Structural and stainless steel materials are exceptionally hard to cut, but this process is made simpler and more accurate with a high-definition plasma torch. For the highest tolerance metal fabricating, contact American Metal Supply, an experienced metal processing company serving Cincinnati, OH, and Louisville, KY. They’ve been in business since 1986 and offer 24/7 availability to their clients. Call (502) 634-4321 or visit their new website today to request a quote.

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