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We provide the most expedient delivery of top-quality metal products to any and every metal consumer.

American Metal Supply Co.

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With warehouses in both Louisville and Cincinnati, American Metal Supply Co. is a metal supplier committed to helping your business expand its potential. Whether you're in need of raw materials or finished products fabricated to your exact needs, this leading regional metal supplier is capable of meeting any of your metal needs and exceeding your expectations.

Whatever metal or plastic your business requires, American Metal Supply Co. can source it. As a leading steel supplier and member of the North American Steel Alliance, their warehouses feature a broad inventory of stainless steel materials from bar steel and tubing to flat sheets and cold finished steel. If you need aluminum sheets or structural components composed of any metal, American Metal Supply Co. will provide top-quality products at some of the best rates in the industry.

American Metal Supply Co. also has an incredible workshop that is capable of providing comprehensive processing solutions, such as burning, sawing, forming, rolling, and shearing, to deliver metal components tailored to your specifications. Whether you're looking for just one part or a scalable operation for ongoing manufacturing, you can depend on their expertise and cutting-edge equipment to deliver high-quality results every time.

Founded in 1986, American Metal Supply Co. has a wide and diversified network of partners and extensive hands-on experience. Their team is committed to offering the best client services in the business, with 24/7 availability and unparalleled quality control programs. Businesses throughout the Ohio and Kentucky regions depend on Metal Supply Co. to help achieve positive business growth and expand their possibilities with fast turnaround and streamlined production processes.

Visit American Metal Supply Co.'s amazing new website today to see their full inventory list and selection of services. To find out how they can help your business or to request a quote today, call their Louisville location at (502) 634-4321 or Cincinnati at (513) 396-6600.

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