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FAQ About Screened-In Sunrooms October 19, 2020

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FAQ About Screened-In Sunrooms, Nicholasville, Kentucky

A screened-in sunroom is a terrific addition to a home if you enjoy spending time outdoors, especially during the fall and winter. It allows you to see and experience your property, without dealing with bugs or extreme temperature changes. It also increases your living space and adds value to the home. If you have questions about this popular home addition, below are answers to some of the most common.

A Guide to Screened-In Sunrooms

Does it require an existing patio?

While you can install it over an existing outdoor area, most contractors will create a concrete patio or paver deck as part of the screen room construction. However, you must have enough available space around the home to accommodate the building addition. 

Do screened-in sunrooms come in predefined sizes?

sunroomsThere are many existing sizes and shapes for these rooms. However, you can also get a custom option to fit your needs. Whether you want a long, thin addition that stretches alongside the home, or a wide, open area to host gatherings, they come in any size and shape to accommodate your desires.

What are the advantages?

Primarily, people enjoy this addition because it lets them spend time outdoors without bugs or rain ruining the experience. Moreover, it gives your family more room to spread out and enjoy individual privacy. The screen keeps dirt, leaves, grass clippings, and other debris off your patio, so it stays cleaner and requires less maintenance. Lastly, you can let pets get fresh air without leashing them or worrying about them wandering off.

What types of screen choices do I have?

Standard screen rooms utilize 18/14, or standard bug screen. You can also often select a finer, 20/20 mesh—or "no-see-um" screen—to filter out gnats and other tiny insects. Sun screens reduce glare and heat by absorbing and dissipating sunlight before it enters your patio. Lastly, manufacturers make pet screens out of vinyl-coated polyester that can withstand pet claws, teeth, climbing, and other potential damages.


If you want to add a screened-in sunroom to your home, contact Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc. in Nicholasville, KY. They are locally owned and have been serving Lexington and central Kentucky for more than 25 years. They also specialize in shower enclosures, custom mirrors, storefront windows, and patio screens. Learn more about sunrooms and screen rooms on their website. Call (859) 887-4070 for a free estimate.

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