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How to Clean a Patio Screen Enclosure August 13, 2020

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How to Clean a Patio Screen Enclosure, Nicholasville, Kentucky

patio screen shields you from outside weather conditions, and it will accumulate dirt, pollen, and other debris over time. However, if you spend an afternoon cleaning the enclosure, you can restore it to look like new again. Below are a few tips to help you complete this process.

3 Steps to Cleaning Patio Screens 

1. Vacuum the Surface 

If you start with water, it will mix with the dirt and create a sticky mud that’s challenging to remove. Instead, vacuum the exterior of the screens on a dry day. Use the upholstery brush attachment to dislodge the particles and provide a deep cleaning that removes debris. Then, switch to the crevice attachment and vacuum the moldings, corners, and ledges inside the patio to pick up anything that falls inward.

2. Wash From the Inside

patio screenAttach a shower nozzle to your hose, and spray the interior of each screened wall from top to bottom. This will force out any debris that remains after vacuuming. It will also eliminate particles that were too small for the vacuum to pick up. Make sure the nozzle setting is gentle, though, because too much water pressure could warp or tear the screen. 

3. Address Problem Areas

Some portions of the screen may still have stains after you finish hosing them down. If this happens, mix mild dish soap with warm water and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub stains. If they are especially stubborn because of mold or mildew, you may need to use a bleach or vinegar solution. Follow up with the hose after this to rinse the surface thoroughly and then wipe down the screens with a microfiber cloth to prevent streaking. 


If you notice tears in the screen or worn seals around the edges while you clean, you may need to replace the enclosure. For durable patio screens, turn to Aladdin’s Glass & Screen Products, Inc. Based in Nicholasville and serving homeowners across central Kentucky, this locally owned and operated contractor installs, repairs, and replaces patios, shower doors, and commercial storefronts. To learn more about their screen rooms, visit their website. Call (859) 887-4070 to request a quote.

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