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How to Prepare for Your Dog's Passing October 15, 2020

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How to Prepare for Your Dog's Passing, Springfield, Ohio

No one likes to contemplate their final days with a beloved pet. While this tender time may be hard to endure, it’s essential to plan so that you’re better prepared for the loss and can commemorate your dog with a special pet memorial. This guide covers several ways to prepare for the loss of your dog. 

4 Steps to Getting Ready for a Dog’s Passing

1. Know Your Options 

If your dog is old or has a disease, their quality of life may diminish significantly. Depending on their condition, they might be in discomfort, and you’ll be faced with a choice of having them pass on at a veterinary office or at home. This is an emotional decision for pet owners, so it’s wise to think ahead and be aware of your options. You might consider meeting with a vet to learn more about their end-of-life services so that you can make an informed decision if your dog is in discomfort. 

2. Have a Post-Death Plan 

pet-memorialAfter a pet has passed away naturally or in a veterinary office, you’ll need to make arrangements for their body. You can bury your dog at home, lay them to rest at a pet cemetery, or cremate them and receive the ashes as a keepsake. Deciding what you’ll do ahead of time can reduce stress while giving you time to process the emotional and financial considerations of each option. 

3. Look at Memorial Options

Dog owners often like to commemorate their pets with a special pet memorial. This is a keepsake such as an engraved plaque, a shadowbox with a collar inside, a beautiful urn if your dog has been cremated, or a commemorative windchime. There are hundreds of pet memorial options if you’re looking for a meaningful way to remember your dog. As you prepare for their passing, explore different options to see what has the most meaning to you and your family. 

4. Spend Time Together 

Above all, you’ll want to cherish the time you do have with your dog. They may not have the energy to do the activities that they once loved, but even sitting together at home will feel meaningful. If they have the energy to eat, give them something special. Provide food, water, bedding, and other items to make them comfortable while you stay by their side. 


Since 1973, Char Mac Pet Cremation has helped Cincinnati, OH, pet owners commemorate their lost pets in meaningful ways. This family-owned business offers pet memorials, cremation services, urns, caskets, and burials for all kinds of pets. Speak to a compassionate representative at (513) 851-5791 or learn about their memorial options online

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