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If you want to honor the memory of a four-legged friend, turn to Char Mac Pet Cremation for unmatched pet memorial services. Since 1973, this Cincinnati, OH, business has provided animal cremation and pet burial facilities to countless pet parents. From pet urns to animal caskets, this family-owned company offers all the products to help you give your companions the final farewell they deserve.

To commemorate the special bond you shared with your pet, Char Mac Pet Cremation tailors its pet memorials around your specifications. The owner, John Rovito, personally ensures that your animal cremation and burial needs are satisfactorily taken care of. After discussing your requirements one-on-one, John and his team commit themselves to giving your pets a fitting last goodbye. Whether you want to hold a pet burial or cremation, they will go out of their way to facilitate your wishes.

Housing an extensive variety of pet urns, they assist you in preserving your pet’s remains in the best possible way. Choose from wood, metal, ceramic, and pewter urns, and complement them with the pet memorial company’s signature pet keepsakes. Taking their exceptional customization services a step further, they also give you the option to engrave a heartfelt message for your departed pet.

In the event that you want to organize a pet burial, you can count on Char Mac Pet Cremation for fully customizable animal caskets and markers. Offering a fine selection of deluxe and regular animal caskets, they guarantee an unforgettable pet memorial ceremony for your four-legged family member.

There’s no better way to bid adieu to your animal friends than with Char Mac Pet Cremation’s unrivaled pet memorial services. Call (513) 851-5791 to discuss your animal cremation and burial requirements with their helpful staff. Browse through their expansive range of animal caskets and pet urns by taking a tour of their website.

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