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5 Foods & Drinks Dogs Shouldn’t Consume September 7, 2020

Keene Estates, Columbia
5 Foods & Drinks Dogs Shouldn’t Consume, Columbia, Missouri

Resist those puppy dog eyes when it’s dinnertime. While it’s tempting to give your pet table scraps and leftovers, some food is harmful – and sometimes even fatal — for their health. Keep your furry friend away from the following nibbles and sips to avoid a trip to the veterinarian.

What to Avoid

1. Chocolate

Everyone loves a sweet treat, but your dog can’t have this one. Chocolate contains methylxanthines, a stimulant that puts your pet’s metabolism into overdrive.

It can cause stomach irritation, irregular heart rhythms, and seizures if ingested. While all varieties are dangerous for your pup, darker chocolate and cocoa powder have higher levels of the toxic substance.

2. Macadamia Nuts

While nuts contain high amounts of fats and oils that can make your dog sick, macadamia nuts are the most dangerous. The tropic nut contains an unknown toxin that’s linked to muscle tremors, hyperthermia, and temporary paralysis. Macadamias can also spike your dog’s triglyceride levels and lead to pancreatitis.

3. Grapes & Raisins

veterinarianIf you drop some fruit salad or an oatmeal raisin cookie on the floor, pick it up immediately. While it’s unknown what toxic compounds are inside grapes and raisins, ingesting even a small amount can lead to rapid kidney failure. Even a handful of grapes or raisins can be fatal, so bring your dog to the veterinarian if they get their paws on them.

4. Alcohol

The substance is found in several products, like mouthwash, perfume, raw yeast dough, and alcoholic beverages. However, dogs are more sensitive to alcohol’s intoxicating effects and can suffer alcohol poisoning more quickly than humans.

Drinking a little bit of alcohol could also cause decreased coordination, abnormal blood acidity, and low body temperature within an hour of ingestion.

5. Garlic

Alliums are generally bad for your furry friend; however, garlic is five times more toxic than the rest of the allium family. It contains disulfides and sulfoxides, which damage your dog’s red blood cells and leads to anemia if left untreated.

If you notice symptoms like pale gums, weakness, and an elevated heart rate within a few days of consumption, take your pup to the veterinarian immediately.


If your dog is feeling under the weather, take them to Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital. With two state-of-the-art locations in Columbia, MO, they’re equipped to handle everything from preventative check-ups and dentistry to radiology and nutritional counseling. Their veterinarians can also customize a care plan perfect for your furry friend. Learn more about their services online. Call (573) 449-3791 for an appointment at the Keene Street location and call (573) 449-7387 to reach the Buttonwood Drive facility.

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