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Your pet is a valued member of your family, which is part of the reason why Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital works so hard to make your animal feel at home. As a team of dedicated pet lovers, each member of the staff focuses on creating a warm, comforting environment for the animals they treat.

Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital has two state-of-the-art facilities in Columbia, MO, equipped to handle everything from simple checkups to full-scale surgeries. Whether you need to have your animal spayed or neutered or you are suspicious about the way your animal has been acting, the veterinarians will do everything in their power to answer your questions and give your pet the best care available.

Preventive care is essential to your pet’s well-being, so Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital also offers grooming, dental care, and dietary counseling. Appointments can be made over the phone or owners can simply walk in with their pet to see if an appointment is available. Emergencies are important to the veterinarians, which is why each walk-in is screened to treat the animals who have the most urgent needs.

To help owners to keep their pets healthy and happy, Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital also maintains a small shop with a large variety of pet products. Whether your pet needs food, treats, medicines, and dental care products, you can talk with veterinarians to get great recommendations for your furry friend.  

Learn more about how you can create the best life for your animal by visiting Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital online. In addition to finding great information about pet care, you can also take advantage of convenient resources like links to pet-friendly apartments and local training facilities. 

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