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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Food Truck September 1, 2020

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Food Truck, Brooklyn, New York

When it is done right, a food truck can be an enjoyable and lucrative business with low overhead costs and a lot of flexibility in operations. As you start a food truck of your own, it’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t do. Get your new business off to a strong start by avoiding a few common mistakes.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Starting a Food Truck

1. Not Prioritizing Social Media

Social media is how you communicate with your customers, and it can be entirely free. Engaging with your followers online creates a community of new and repeat customers.

Create accounts on major social media platforms to get people excited. Update your pages regularly to tell people where to find your truck and your latest menu offerings. Encourage people to leave reviews and tag themselves in your photos to expand your audience to their friends or followers.

2. Failure to Obey Health Codes

start a food truckFood trucks are mobile restaurants, which means they need to follow all city and state regulations for health and safety. Failure to obey these codes could result in large fines or even shutting down the business for a while. You will need to apply for a business license and possibly a permit. A health inspector will need to inspect the truck before you can open for business.

3. Skimping on Material Quality

Opening any business requires an upfront investment. Create a budget and a business plan so you know what you can afford. If you need to take out a loan or add another investor in order to get the best quality materials, then do so.

A well-functioning truck and laid-out kitchen with high-quality appliances will work reliably and with a longer lifespan. If you cut corners initially, it will cost you in the long-term with maintenance, repairs, and business downtime.


Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions is the trusted team to help you start a food truck. They are based in Brooklyn, NY, and travel to customers throughout Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, and New York. They will design a custom food truck with the highest-quality materials that is guaranteed to pass your city-regulated inspections. Learn more on their website and call (800) 253-4815 to begin your food cart design.  

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