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Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions, Food Truck Design, Restaurants and Food, Brooklyn, New York

Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions, also known as Shanghai Stove Inc., was established in 1979 by founder Jimmy Wong. Family owned and operated since its creation, Shanghai MKS offers the finest in kitchenware for mobile food carts and trucks, as well as restaurants of any size.

Initially established to provide Chinese cooking equipment and furnishing, Shanghai MKS expanded their expertise to large and small commercial kitchens and mobile applications. Specializing in the finest stainless steel cookware, the company crafts custom kitchens and mobile food trucks, allowing the needs of specified businesses to be met with efficiency and style.

The years of dedicated service has allowed Shanghai MKS to gain a keen understanding of customer needs, mechanical design, architectural drafting, and regulatory standards. Businesses can trust that their materials and equipment are of the highest quality and will handle anything they are used for, regardless of how big or small the operation may be.

Shanghai MKS customized mobile carts and trucks designed specifically to meet the needs of the staff and customers. These include local department regulations and policies, ensuring that businesses are able to operate and expand with confidence. All custom food trucks are guaranteed to pass city-regulated inspections.

Contact Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions for the finest quality stainless steel kitchenware and see what 25 years of kitchen industry experience will do for you. 

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