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3 Common Causes of Engine Damage September 24, 2020

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3 Common Causes of Engine Damage, Covington, Kentucky

You should think of maintaining your car the way you think of maintaining your health: prevention is best. Preventative maintenance helps the engine last as long as your vehicle does. Here, review some of the most common reasons for engine damage that auto body shop technicians want you to know about.

What Are the Common Causes Behind Engine Damage?

1. Low or Dirty Motor Oil

When engine oil becomes low because of a leak or lack of maintenance, it cannot lubricate the part’s many moving components. Oil polluted with road dust, metal shards, dirt, and other debris also causes lubrication issues that result in friction and premature wear. Schedule oil changes in light of your manufacturer’s instructions and factors such as driving frequency and conditions to keep your engine lubricated and friction-free.

2. Overheating Problems

auto body shopEngines overheat for many reasons, including low or dirty oil, cooling system leaks, coolant circulation blockages, and broken water pumps. Even scorching temperatures can cause your engine to heat up. If you had the oil changed recently and you keep your car parked in a cool garage, but your car still overheats, visit your local auto body shop.

3. Head Gasket Issues

Your engine’s gasket creates a seal between its block and cylinder head to prevent leaks. The gasket endures exposure to coolant, water, fuel, motor oil, and exhaust gases, and any sealant leaks from overheating or general wear can cause air-fuel mixture issues that result in rough handling and faulty combustion. And while your vehicle’s cooling system runs water through the engine via assorted inlets, water entry in the combustion chamber can cause hydrolocking that makes the part stop functioning.

Incorrect air-fuel mixtures because of water or other fluid infiltration can additionally cause engine misfiring. Misfires create power losses and overheating issues, including heat damage to the engine’s valves and pistons.  


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