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In many cases, our cars reflect our personalities and our values. If your car has body damage, it can present a less-than-ideal picture, but this can be remedied with skillful dent repair. Serving Covington, KY, and surrounding areas, Crone's Auto Body is an auto body shop offering collision repair where the job is done right, whether the damage is major or minor. Regardless of the damage your vehicle has experienced, the specialists at Crone's Auto Body are committed to having you drive off the premises with a vehicle that looks like new.

collision repair

The company's services begin with damage assessment to let you know how much your collision repair will cost. Once you've approved the repair, parts are ordered to help restore your car to its former glory. Damaged parts are removed from your vehicle and repairs are made using state-of-the-art structural repair and diagnostic equipment. The car is then painted, and care is taken to provide it with a factory-like finish. At this point, the vehicle is returned to the auto body shop for final assembly, and all trims and moldings are installed. As a final touch, the vehicle's interior and exterior are thoroughly cleaned and detailed.

Crone's Auto Body is rigorous in its approach to collision repair, and this same rigor is evident in the company's client service. This Covington auto body shop truly appreciates its clients and goes above and beyond to offer care reflecting the highest standards of quality in both large and small ways. Best of all, Crone's Auto Body believes in offering this care at a moderate cost, so you'll benefit from prices that are reasonable and fair.

An auto body shop delivers work you'll have to look at and live with for years. With Crone's Auto Body, you can enjoy dent repair that restores your vehicle to its best self. Get Covington's leader in collision repair working for you by calling (859) 356-1800, or learn more by visiting Crone's Auto Body online

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