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3 Ways Music Encourages Toddler Development July 20, 2020

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3 Ways Music Encourages Toddler Development, Texarkana, Texas

According to research, music can accelerate brain development in young children. In addition to encouraging musical habits at home, you’ll want to look for a day care that implements learning through song and dance. If you’re still not convinced, consider the following ways music encourages toddler development. 

How Does Music Help Toddlers Gain Skills?

1. Improves Language Skills

Research shows that hearing and seeing words in a new context causes the brain to create a new synapse, making it more likely to remember the lyrics. By introducing your child to language through music, they'll bolster their language skills by learning new words and phrases. 

Further, music helps in developing the left side of your toddler’s brain. Over time, musical competence may increase verbal competence, enabling your child to communicate well and develop a healthy social life.

2. Develop Fine & Gross Motor Skills

day careHumans have an instinctive response to music—when your toddler hears a song they like, whether it’s at home or day care, they’ll likely start moving along to the music.

Through hand gestures and other dance moves, your toddler will develop both fine and gross motor skills. For a song they really love, they will move enthusiastically enough to build strength for confident movement. Play different tunes to discover your toddler’s favorites.

3. Teaches Patience & Hard Work

Learning an instrument requires hard work and patience, two skills that your child should learn at a young age. For example, young children might be pleased with any sound their toddler-friendly instrument makes. However, as they mature, they might notice that it takes work to get the instrument to sound how they want it to.  

Whether they pursue music or not, this will prove that building a skill takes work. While they might be frustrated at first, with time they’ll learn that practice makes perfect.


Get your child dancing to and learning from the beat at Wake Village Playskool in Bowie County, Texas. Their staff is dedicated to nurturing your child’s physical and mental development through a range of activities. Their educators create unique lesson plans for each age group, ensuring your child has the appropriate balance of socialization, playtime, and educational activities. For a day care with reputable educators, call (903) 838-5424. Learn more about the school online.

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