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Wake Village Playskool

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As a parent or guardian, you know how nerve-wracking it can be to find the right day care facility or learning center for your child. However, you can place your trust in the experienced staff at Wake Village Playskool in Texas. With an additional location, Redwater Playskool, located in Texarkana, the staff members at these day care centers nurture and care for children of a wide range of ages, ensuring they receive the physical, developmental, and emotional care they need to thrive.


Since 1977, staff members have provided school preparation and preschool programs to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. They’ve helped countless children learn the importance of sharing, communicating, and working together.


Each age group has a dedicated lesson plan overseen by qualified and experienced educators, giving your child the skills needed to succeed later in life. With the use of fun and educational activities, as well as plenty of playtime and socialization, they’ll make sure your child stays engaged while learning key life skills.


Their Wake Village location provides care for children six weeks to 12 years of age while their Redwater location accepts children 18 months and older. These day care specialists are state-licensed and trained in both first aid and CPR, ensuring your child is in safe hands.


If you’re looking for a dependable day care facility or learning center for your child, reach out to Wake Village Playskool or Redwater Playskool today. Call the Wake Village location at (903) 838-5424 or the Redwater location at (903) 831-6618 to inquire about availability and enrollment requirements.

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