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3 Reasons to Schedule Tree Pruning This Summer August 11, 2020

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3 Reasons to Schedule Tree Pruning This Summer, Macedon, New York

Tree pruning is an essential part of summer yard maintenance. By having this service done during the warmer season, you’ll set your trees up for healthy and strong growth until next summer. Learn more about the benefits of scheduling pruning with this helpful guide.

What Are the Benefits of Summer Tree Pruning?

1. Encourage Strong Growth

You will notice renewed growth in the trimmed areas after they have been pruned. Your tree technician will trim back parts of the tree that are experiencing weak growth to direct the tree’s nutrients to healthier areas that are more likely to succeed or bear fruit in the fall.

Pruning also removes excess foliage so sunlight can reach lower branches and plants beneath the tree. The tree technician can manipulate the tree so that it grows into the desired shape.

2. Protect Against Pests & Disease

tree pruningYour tree technician will remove any parts of the tree that are affected by disease or pests, such as mites and aphids. They will look for damage, including bark that is falling off and small holes in the leaves. Because pest infestations and diseases can spread over time, mitigating these threats early is vital to protecting your trees and the surrounding landscape.

3. Remove Damage

Tree branches can suffer damage from weather, disease, and other causes. If left alone, dead branches can fall off a tree without warning and harm people or property in the vicinity. The pruner will look for signs of branches that are dead or have begun to die. They will then remove these branches before they become a safety issue.


The professionals at T & L Tree and Landscape have been utilizing the best practices in tree pruning for the last 50 years in Monroe County, NY, and the surrounding areas. This Better Business Bureau accredited company provides year-round tree care, from new tree planting to stump removal. Learn more on the website and call (585) 223-3190 to schedule an appointment.

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