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T & L Tree and Landscape is New York's go-to landscaping professionals for everything from stump removal and emergency tree service to lawn care and debris clearing. If you’re looking to keep your lawn in prime condition, then you’re bound to benefit from their professional expertise. They have been in business for the last 50 years and have seen every lawn care problem out there during that lengthy tenure, so you know they can handle anything.

If you require residential or commercial services, you can count on T & L Tree and Landscape to deliver. Trees, bushes, and hedges are no match for their state-of-the-art tools and impressive landscaping talents. Whether you need trimming, shaping, or complete tree removal, you’ll rest easy knowing that your lawn is in steady hands.

When you hire T & L Tree and Landscape to care for your lawn and landscaping, you’re hiring the very best in the business. Their crew is completely insured and they have been an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau for nearly a decade. They also care about your lawn just as much as you do! That’s why they stay open 24/7 for your emergency tree service needs. If you ever need their help in a pinch because of a storm or emergency, their professionals are standing by and ready to serve you.

This superior customer service and quality workmanship won them "Contractor of the Year" in 2014 through Angie’s List. But it is also their professional and honest way of doing business that keeps loyal customers coming back time and time again. 

This testimonial says it all: “We had an extensive tree-trimming and landscaping job which required ripping out a huge older garden. Laura and her crew were…professional, prompt, and thorough. The next time I need landscaping or tree-trimming—I will definitely call T & L. It was such a pleasure to do business with a team that is honest, professional and experienced."

If you’re ready to work with an honest landscaping business that delivers exceptional results, than contact T & L Tree and Landscape today. Call them at (585) 223-3190 to set up an appointment or to learn more about their array of tree service and lawn care services.

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