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Can Motorcycles Be Equipped With Ignition Interlock Systems? July 13, 2020

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Can Motorcycles Be Equipped With Ignition Interlock Systems?, Cleveland, Tennessee

In Tennessee and other states, drivers are required to use an ignition interlock system after a DUI offense. But since these devices are traditionally installed in automobiles, many wonder if they can also be used on motorcycles. While not always typical, this equipment can be integrated with the vehicle. However, special considerations may be necessary to ensure a functional fit. If your organization distributes gear for drunk driving prevention, here’s what to know about motorcycles and breathalyzer compatibility.

How Do These Systems Work?

Motorcycle ignition interlock devices work similarly to those used for cars, but they are modified to fit the needs of the vehicle.

Once installed by a qualified technician, these devices will require the rider to blow into the breathalyzer. If the operator’s blood alcohol content is above the programmed limit, the system will interrupt ignition processes so the engine can’t be started for a state-specified duration.

While operating the motorcycle, riders may receive a random retest alert, during which they must pull over safely and provide a clean breath sample to prove they aren’t driving drunk.

What Are the Potential Challenges?

Harsh Conditions  

ignition interlock systemIn a standard car, ignition interlock systems remain stable and protected from the environment. However, since motorcycles are exposed, these devices can be subject to damaging weather conditions. The vibrations of the vehicle can also shake the equipment, possibly impacting its connection.

For these reasons, installers must take care to place the device in an area that is stable, secure, and shielded from the elements as much as possible.

Power Draw

Ignition interlock devices require a small burst of power to operate. While a car battery can easily accommodate these needs, motorcycle batteries may suffer from power draw. To keep the battery from draining, adjustments may be necessary to ensure that the equipment and vehicle have a dependable power balance.


Not all ignition interlock systems and motorcycle models are compatible. In addition, the operational requirements can vary from state to state. If you’re an approved installer, working with a knowledgeable manufacturer can help ensure that your products meet state laws, as well as provide safe and reliable use for your clientele.  


Specializing in alcohol monitoring systems, TN Recovery & Monitoring is a top provider of ignition interlock systems in Tennessee and beyond. Taking a personalized approach, this Cleveland, TN, company works with law enforcement agencies and approved installers to ensure all motorcycle equipment satisfies operational needs and state laws. With their selection of Smart Start® products, you can provide your clients with a reliable system that is user-friendly, discreet, and designed to eliminate false positives. Visit this supplier online to learn more or call a friendly associate at (855) 472-7269. 

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