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What Are the Common Causes of Auto Dents? August 25, 2020

Covington Central Business District, Covington
What Are the Common Causes of Auto Dents? , Covington, Kentucky

Accidents happen, and when it comes to cars, auto body shops can deal with them by providing dent repair. Understandably, however, you may prefer to avoid dealing with dents in the first place. For that, you have to be aware of why cars tend to be dented so that you can prevent those situations from occurring. 

4 Frequent Reasons Cars Become Dented

1. Natural Forces

Storms can use strong winds to throw rocks, branches, hail, and debris onto cars, which can easily leave a series of dents. When a storm begins, move your car into a garage or another covered area. Barring that, tie a tarp over it, which may still prevent the need for dent repair.

A sick or weak tree branch can also fall on top of it during nice weather, too. This is especially common in winter when snow adds weight to the branches. If possible, don’t park near a tree, or make sure the tree is properly pruned and clear of snow.

2. Road Debris

While driving, the tires often kick up sticks and rocks. If you’re behind a large vehicle or passing through roadwork, it’s especially likely that such debris will fly toward your car. Do your best to stay a safe distance away from large vehicles, particularly on highways or freeways, and find alternative routes if you come upon roadwork.

3. Shopping Carts

dent repairParking near store entrances makes your car more prone to getting hit by a shopping cart. Sometimes, other shoppers have difficulty maneuvering and may accidentally bump into your car. Other times, a faulty cart wheel, gust of wind, uneven pavement, or some combination of the three will push a cart against your car. These situations are less likely to happen if you simply park as far as you can from other vehicles and shoppers.

4. Other Cars

When cars are parked close enough to each other, it’s easy for someone in a neighboring car to accidentally open their door too wide and hit yours. Park as far away from other vehicles as possible.

Cars are more likely to bump into each other in tight spaces as well. Trying to parallel park, squeezing into a small parking space, or inching around another car as you turn makes dents almost inevitable. If you do what you can to leave plenty of space between you and other cars or go somewhere else altogether, you can avoid needing dent repair.


If you’re unable to avoid any of these situations, you can get quality dent repair from Crone’s Auto Body in Covington, KY. As experts in auto collision damage and car painting, they use the latest and best diagnostic equipment and tools to assess the problem and make your car like new. Because they prioritize your safety and comfort above all else, they offer these services with a friendly attitude and a modest rate. To schedule a time for bringing your car in, call them today at (859) 356-1800 or message them online.

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