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What's the Difference Between Flatbed & Step Deck Trailers? August 10, 2020

Victor, Ontario
What's the Difference Between Flatbed & Step Deck Trailers?, Victor, New York

When it comes to moving cargo, there are two main trailer options: flatbed and step deck. Which one is best for you depends largely on what you’re hauling. Understanding how the trailers differ can ensure your materials arrive intact and damage-free. Here’s what you should know.


Flatbed commercial trailers are typically between 43 and 53 feet long, 96 to 102 inches wide, and haul up to 48,000 pounds. They accommodate wide, large materials, and their flat design makes it easy to move and remove products and equipment using cranes.

flatbedThese trailers frequently carry raw materials, lumber, construction equipment and supplies, and heating and cooling equipment. Flatbeds make it easy to stack materials and keep them on the trailer using bungee cords and similar tools.

Since the trailers don’t include tiers or similar features, they aren’t recommended for tall cargo, such as cranes and other excavating equipment. There’s no way to keep such cargo upright and on the trailer safely.

Step Deck

Also known as lowboy and drop deck trailers, step decks feature connected upper and lower decks. The top deck is usually about 5 feet high, nearly 9 feet wide, and 11 feet long, while the bottom deck is typically up to 42 inches high, about 9 feet wide, and up to 41 feet long.

The tiered design that includes a lower deck allows the trailer to haul tall, cumbersome cargo up to 80,000 pounds, including cars and trucks, agricultural machinery, tractors, and excavators. Top deck lengths and heights vary by model, and accessories such as ramps can be used to bridge the gap between the upper and lower deck for easy material or equipment access. 


If you need a flatbed or step deck trailer for your hauling needs, contact Victor Enterprises in Ontario County, NY. This freight hauling company works with both trailer types to move cargo across the state or country. Call (585) 742-2232 today to discuss your project, or learn more about services online.

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