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When you have large, valuable, or even potentially dangerous materials that need to be shipped, it’s important to choose a trucking and freight shipping company you can trust. For more than ten years, Victor Enterprises, Inc. has been providing a variety of hauling services to clients throughout the Victor, NY area. The company possesses all the equipment necessary to transport your materials from one location to another, whether your need trucking services across town or across the country.

As a licensed and bonded trucking service, Victor Enterprises has become the region's first choice for logistics services. When you contact the trucking company, you’ll receive the benefit of highly trained drivers, punctual service, and optimal safety when handling products with environmental concern. The company has experience shipping many different products and goods, and their trailers have a 55-60 ton capacity.

In addition to hauling and trucking, the company also offers construction and excavation services, such as back hoe and bulldozing. The experienced professionals know that the job is only complete once your property looks completely pristine, which is why they will never leave your property a mess once they finish your driveway design or other construction projects.

Whether you need trucking or construction services, you can trust Victor Enterprises, Inc. for quality work with every job. Visit the website or call (585) 742-2232 for more information.

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