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4 Signs Your Thermostat Is Faulty August 3, 2020

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4 Signs Your Thermostat Is Faulty, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Summer is one of the worst times for your HVAC system to start acting faulty. While there are many issues that your air conditioner might experience, the thermostat that controls your system is often the culprit. Here are some issues that might be caused by your thermostat and when to seek air conditioner repair.

A Guide to Thermostat Problems

1. Won’t Turn On

It might seem like your thermostat is working properly. All the buttons are functioning, but when you turn your system on, nothing happens. This could be caused by a wiring defect that prevents your thermostat from communicating with your HVAC system.

Make sure your system is set to “cool” for the summer, and that the thermostat is in the “on” position. If this doesn’t work, your system might need air conditioner repair.

2. Setting Doesn’t Match Room Temperature

air conditioner repairIt might seem like no matter how far down you turn your thermostat, your home doesn’t get cold. This means that the number on the thermostat isn’t matching the temperature in your room.

Make sure your home isn’t zoned, which means that temperatures might differ in certain rooms. If this isn’t the case, your thermostat might have a problem. You might also have an issue with your refrigerant. Call an HVAC repair contractor to take a look at your system immediately.

3. No Power

When you have this issue, first check to make sure the circuit breaker for your air conditioner isn’t tripped. If it’s not, try replacing the batteries in your thermostat. If this doesn’t work, you might need to have your thermostat replaced. An air conditioner repair professional can make this change for you quickly and efficiently.

4. Runs Constantly

In this situation, your air conditioner won’t stop running. If the unit is running but not cooling the air, check your filter to ensure it’s not clogged. If it is cooling, check the temperature in your room. If it’s below what the thermostat is set at, that means the thermostat isn’t getting the signal to switch off when the desired temperature has been reached. Wiring could be frayed or the thermostat could be miscalibrated. You’ll generally need a professional’s help to fix this issue.

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