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For the past 100 years, when residents of La Crosse, WI needed dedicating plumbing service or HVAC repair, they’ve turned to the same local business: Niebuhr Plumbing & Heating. As long-term members of the community, the contractors at this company take pains to set themselves apart from other plumbing companies; not only are they fully insured and licensed to do the work, but they emphasize complete customer satisfaction above all else. No matter what sort of work you need, the folks at Niebuhr have the tools and experience to see it through.

While there’s never a convenient time to have a plumbing, heating or air conditioning problem, the contractors at this company make it a point to work quickly and efficiently so that this inconvenience is minimized. Since certain problems can escalate quickly and lead to even more damage, Niebuhr Plumbing & Heating also offers emergency plumbing service; if you need them, they’ll be there 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Furthermore, the contractors here have access to the latest innovations in heating and cooling and will be more than happy to share their deep knowledge of the field.

Since there will always be a great deal of competition in the plumbing trade, it’s important for a company to be fair and completely professional with every customer; it’s the only way to survive in a crowded field. The folks at Niebuhr know this, which is why they focus on winning customers over one at a time. It’s no wonder that people in and around La Salle consistently turn to this company for their plumbing and HVAC needs.

To learn more about Niebuhr Plumbing & Heating, check out their website or follow them on Google+. When you need plumbing repairs or HVAC maintenance, give them a call at (608) 782-1700 and see the value of working with your neighborhood contractors.

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Niebuhr Plumbing & Heating has been La Crosse, WI's most trusted plumbing contractor for the past century, handling jobs of all sizes while placing an emphasis on complete more
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