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What Steps Should You Take Immediately After a Car Accident? July 24, 2020

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What Steps Should You Take Immediately After a Car Accident?, Covington, Kentucky

Even safe, vigilant drivers will likely have an accident at some point. It can create a hectic feeling; however, it can be made a little less chaotic based on how you react. From realizing what’s happened to scheduling with the body shop, here are some steps to take when you’ve had an accident.

5 Steps to Take Immediately Following a Car Accident

1. Stop & Breathe

Fleeing the scene of an accident is illegal. Even if you’re scared or embarrassed by what happened, fight any urge to leave. You should also take a few deep breaths to get some clarity in your mind. This will give you time to realize accidents happen, and there’s a proper way to deal with them.

2. Get Out of the Road 

The natural instinct of many is to get out and see what has happened. However, you should always be aware of traffic and try to get on the side of the road if possible. If you can’t get your car there, don’t try to stay with it on the road.

3. Check for Injuries

The immediate concern after getting to a safe place is to see if you or anyone else involved was injured. Even minor aches, pains, cuts, or bruises may need to be assessed by a physician. What seems like a minor scrape could get infected, or what seems like a minor neck cramp could lead to mobility issues.

4. Protect the Scene

body shopAfter you know no one is seriously injured, it’s time to protect the scene. Use road flares or reflective road cones if you have them to mark the perimeter of the accident, especially at night.

5. Make the Necessary Calls

The main call you’ll make (after assessing whether you should call an ambulance) is to the police to file an accident report. You may also need to call a tow truck for the wreckage and a ride home for yourself. In addition, contact  the body shop to ask if your car can be salvaged.


When you’ve been in an accident and need a skilled body shop, call Crone’s Auto Body in Covington, KY. This third-generation business opened in 1949. From structural collision repair work to car painting, they offer a variety of services to get your car looking as good as new. To ask about an appointment, visit them online or call (859) 356-1800.

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