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5 Tips for Reducing Nighttime Accidents May 22, 2020

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5 Tips for Reducing Nighttime Accidents, Covington, Kentucky

While car accidents can happen at any time, the risk of being in a severe crash that requires collision repair is higher at night. Dangerous crashes tend to peak after dark. Decreased visibility, evening-induced fatigue, and glare from nighttime lights are all factors. Below are a few strategies to stay safe on the road at night.

How to Decrease the Odds of a Car Accident After Dark

1. Stay Alert

When you are drowsy behind the wheel, you are slower to react. If you're sleepy, postpone your journey if possible. Consider stopping at a rest area and taking a short nap. If you can't put it off, take regular breaks to pull over and stretch. You can also buy a cup of coffee or an energy drink to help you stay awake.

2. Check the Headlights

Regularly test high and low beams, as well as turn signals and brake lights. This helps other cars see you on the road, as well as shows any potential obstacles you might encounter. Angle headlights so that they hit the road ahead without aiming too high, which can blind approaching drivers.

3. Use High Beams Appropriately

collision repairOnly use high beams on roads with minimal lighting and drivers. Dim them when you notice oncoming traffic or when you are behind other drivers. This ensures that you do not interfere with their vision. Some modern cars even have adaptive lights that adjust automatically.

4. Get an Eye Exam

Declining nighttime vision is one of the first signs of overall diminished eyesight. Get an annual optical exam to make sure your contacts or glasses prescription is current. Lenses with anti-reflective coating can reduce glare for after-dark driving. This allows you to spot any drivers or wildlife that may be on the road.

5. Be Aware of Animals

Many critters come out at night that you should look for. Deer tend to appear at dusk and will stop when they see your headlights. You can see other nocturnal creatures—such as raccoons and possums—at night because of the reflection of the headlights in their eyes. Always look for these animals, as hitting them can seriously damage your car and injure any passengers inside.


If you are in a nighttime driving accident and require collision repair, trust Crone's Auto Body to help. Located in Covington, they serve a 10-mile radius around Independence, KY. Their skilled team will provide an upfront assessment of what your collision repair will cost. After you approve the repair, they will begin the necessary repairs, diagnostics, and finishing touches to get you back on the road. Visit their website for a list of services. To schedule an estimate, call (859) 356-1800.

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