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5 Reasons to Choose Private School for Your Child June 12, 2020

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5 Reasons to Choose Private School for Your Child, San Marcos, Texas

You want your child to receive the best education they can, which is why deciding between public and private school is a vital choice for their academic career. Private education offers an array of benefits that go beyond what is learned in the classroom. Below are a few advantages of this route.

What Are the Advantages of Private School?

1. Class Size

Many families choose private schools for the teacher-to-student ratio. Unlike public schools, private education tends to limit class size. Smaller classrooms promote stronger connections between students and teachers and offer more opportunities for one-on-one interactions. Children’s specific needs are met, and both strengths and weaknesses are addressed in a healthy environment.

2. Raised Standards

Many private schools offer a higher level of curriculum. There are more rigorous academic opportunities, which provide students with a way to challenge themselves in a variety of subjects and activities. With more required coursework and higher expectations, students will have a leg up as they continue their education.

3. Sense of Community

private schoolPrivate schools create their own communities, and parents and students become a close network. Relationships in both academic and extracurricular activities form since there is a shared goal among everyone. Families will participate in special activities and are more likely to get to know each other on a personal level, which develops into a strong support system, trust, and lasting friendships.

4. Varied Curriculum

Because they are not held to the standards of public education, private facilities can design their own school curriculum. Alongside the necessary basics of math and language, programs can include a variety of sciences, social studies, art, music, and more. Specialty areas like creative writing, computer technology, and Spanish can also be incorporated.

5. Safety & Security

There is a greater sense of discipline and safety in private settings. With smaller class sizes, educators and administrators can manage classrooms effectively. Because there is a community sensibility, students feel more connected to their peers and may have less incentive to engage in disruptive behavior.


If you’re looking for a private school for your child, Wonderland School in San Marcos, TX, offers students from kindergarten through sixth grade a fulfilling, well-rounded curriculum that helps children achieve academic and social success. The private school prides itself on providing a strong, positive foundation and high educational standards to challenge each learner in a safe way. With a staff of certified teachers, students receive valuable instruction in language, science, art, math, and more. Call (512) 392-9404 to enroll, and receive a free gift when you mention you found the school online. Visit their website for more on their after school programs.

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