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Wonderland School

302 Country Estates Dr.
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 392-9404
Wonderland School, Private Schools, Services, San Marcos, Texas

As a parent, you want your child to thrive in an environment that is accepting and challenging. At the Wonderland School in San Marcos, TX, they offer students from kindergarten to sixth grade a positive atmosphere where each member is respected and challenged to the highest levels, building a strong foundation and increasing confidence and skill that will aid in their development all through their life.

For over 50 years, this private school has been providing students with a comfortable place to grow and learn. Founder Shirley Fife believes that a strong foundation at childhood builds the path to success throughout life. She founded the school with the mission of providing children an educational experience that allows students to become more aware about themselves through social interaction and a curriculum that is challenging.

Every teacher at this private school is certified, experienced and skilled in creating lesson plans that will challenge students and open up their minds to new possibilities. Some of the academic programs offered at the school include:

  • Language and reading
  • Social studies and science
  • Art and physical education
  • Creative writing and spanish
  • Mathematics and computer technology

For a private school that will expand your children’s educational opportunities, contact Wonderland School. Call today at (512) 392-9404 for information on enrollment or visit their website or Facebook for more information.

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