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How Does Vision Therapy Benefit Kids & Adults? June 30, 2020

Brighton, Monroe
How Does Vision Therapy Benefit Kids & Adults?, Brighton, New York

Vision Therapy refers to a program of exercises and activities that your optometrist will have you complete according to your specific needs. The guide below discusses why this form of treatment may benefit both adults and children.

A Guide to Vision Therapy for Adults & Kids 

What Is Vision Therapy?

Think of vision therapy as physical therapy for the eyes. Rather than simply treating symptoms of vision problems with eyeglasses or contact lenses, this form of treatment attempts to provide long term relief. The exercises will strengthen the eyes along with the parts of the brain associated with vision control. 

What Techniques Does It Use?

vision therapyVision therapy often includes a combination of physical movements and tools to help the eyes focus. For instance, to treat an eye teaming problem, your doctor might ask you to hold a pencil about an arm’s length from your face and focus on the tip as you draw it towards your nose repeatedly. More advanced techniques such as 3D Computer programs are widely used by Vision Therapy doctors.

How Can Children and Adults Benefit?

Children often undergo vision therapy in an effort to help them manage learning-related vision problems. This can allow them to read, write, and complete schoolwork without difficulty. 

Continuing a maintenance program of vision therapy will prevent problems from recurring. Additionally, it may provide relief from eye fatigue and strain associated with reading or working on a computer all day. 


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