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Allens Creek Family Optometry has some of the best eye doctors in Rochester, NY. They use the latest technology to diagnose vision problems and perform eye examinations on each patient.

As leaders in their field, optometrists Joan Kaplow and Jennifer Bateman bring decades of experience to Allens Creek Family Optometry. They recommend that adults come in for an eye examination once a year to check for vision problems and screen for issues such as glaucoma. With innovative new tools in disease detection, including computer-assisted exams, the doctors can evaluate potential medical conditions before patients even notice symptoms. Contact lens exams are also offered to help patients determine their best option. Pediatric eye exams are available to test children’s visual acuity, teaming, focusing, movement and more.

While glasses and contact lenses can help with some ocular issues, vision therapy services at Allens Creek Family Optometry can correct visual-motor and perceptual-cognitive deficiencies. Vision therapists provide individual treatment programs to help patients cope with eye strain, learning-related vision problems, stroke recovery, cerebral palsy, amblyopia and other issues.

In addition to providing the best diagnostics and treatments, Allens Creek Family Optometry carries a stylish selection of frames including designers such as, Marc Jacobs, Nike, Vera Bradley and many others.

Allens Creek Family Optometry takes pride in helping patients maximize their vision and ocular health. To schedule an eye examination with one of the best eye doctors in New York, call (585) 461-6225 or visit their website

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