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5 Advantages of Aluminum March 23, 2020

Okolona, Central Jefferson
5 Advantages of Aluminum, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

You can find aluminum sheets in vehicle paneling, kitchen appliances, and emergency reflective vests. Aluminum is all around you because it’s a versatile material that can be transformed for a variety of projects. This material is a nontoxic option that is light enough to produce at a more affordable cost compared to other metals, yet it’s also durable and can resist outside elements. Here are more details about aluminum and how it can give you an advantage while building your next project.

Benefits of Aluminum

1. Light Weight & Durability

Aluminum weighs about 2.71 grams per cubic centimeter. Since the material is light, the manufacturing and shipping costs are cheaper compared to other metals. Aluminum sheets can conform to the needs of your project while holding their original strength. With the combined features of minimal weight and relative strength, you can use aluminum for building cladding, railings, and facades.

2. Corrosion Resistance

While you can get a surface treatment for extra protection, aluminum naturally forms a protective coating when the material comes in contact with oxygen. On average, corroded buildings and pieces of equipment cost American industry around $7 billion each year. Save your money and purchase aluminum sheets to avoid the hazards of corrosion.

3. Electrical & Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum SheetsWhile copper is a known conductor, the weight and conductivity of aluminum make it a superior option. Since this material does not spark or rust, it is used as an electrical conduit that protects wiring around coal mines, refineries, and other properties where a spark can cause an excessive amount of damage.

4. Recyclability 

Aluminum is recyclable and retains all of its original properties during the recycling process. This benefits both the consumer and the planet since recycling is cheaper than purchasing an abundance of new material. Plus, the process requires very little energy.

5. Ductility

Ductility means that a solid material can stretch or mold into different forms under controlled heat or pressure. Aluminum has a low melting point, so the material can form into sheets, tubes, wires, foil strips, or whatever suits your needs for the project.


If your business needs aluminum sheets for a project, contact American Metal Supply in Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH. Visit this distributor’s warehouse to find what suits your needs, or partner with the company if you’re looking to expand your building’s structure. As members of the North American Steel Alliance, they have the expertise to help guide you through their process and provide top metal materials. Visit their new website for a look at their products, and call (502) 634-4321 with questions or requests.

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