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3 Plumbing Parts to Repair Your Broken Toilet February 25, 2020

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3 Plumbing Parts to Repair Your Broken Toilet, Irondequoit, New York

The toilet is a simple fixture that’s been largely unchanged for decades. With no electrical components and simple parts driven by basic water flow, it’s also usually pretty easy and inexpensive to repair yourself once you know each plumbing part’s function. The following guide will help you get started.

What to Check on a Broken Toilet

1. Valves

The flush valve opens to release water from the tank into the bowl when the lever is pulled, then seals with the flapper. This may need to be replaced if no water enters the bowl after flushing.

The fill valve regulates the amount of water entering the bowl after each flush. If water is continuously running into the bowl, check this valve first.

2. Gaskets

Gaskets seal the toilet tank to the bowl and the bowl to the floor.
If you notice water leaking through the tank-bowl connection, replace the tank gasket. Check the floor gasket, or wax ring, when you notice escaping odors, leaks on the floor, or movement of the fixture.

3. Flange

plumbing partsThe flange serves to secure the toilet to the floor and connects the toilet drain to the drain pipe. If water is leaking under the toilet bowl or the toilet is mobile, you may have a worn-out flange. This is a simple installation with proper tools.

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