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A family-owned hardware store founded in 1948, Black’s Hardware in Rochester has everything you could need to tackle the nuts and bolts of any project. A two-time winner of Rochester’s #1 Hardware Store award by the Democrat & Chronicle, Black’s Hardware provides a complete product range along with marked dedication to customer satisfaction.

This premier hardware store carries everything from plumbing supplies and pipe threading tools to locksmith services and screen repairs. Black’s Hardware also offers the very best value for money on thousands of hardware products that are all backed by an iron-clad quality assurance guarantee. 

Whatever your project, repairs or home improvement needs, Black’s Hardware has you covered. Their stock includes:

  • security features
  • large variety of tools
  • electrical supplies
  • painting appliances
  • automotive repair parts
  • and more! 

Even if Black's doesn't stock an item, they are happy to special order it for you.

Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist customers with expertise, advice and product knowledge. At Black’s Hardware you can expect every project to receive the benefit of their expertise and customized recommendations.

For your next project, home improvement repairs, or construction job, stop by Black’s Hardware or call (585) 544-9896 or visit them online to view their entire product inventory. 

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It's the summer and you want to open up your windows to let the air in, but insects keep flying in through unsightly tears and rips in your screens.  Here at Black's Hardware more
The warm weather is finally here and with that comes Spring Cleaning. If you are looking for brooms, rakes, or garden supplies be sure to check out Black's Hardware's new more
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