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4 Popular Types of Keys February 20, 2020

Irondequoit, Monroe
4 Popular Types of Keys, Irondequoit, New York

Keys protect your home, car, and other assets from burglary. Since different kinds of keys offer different levels of protection, you’ll need to choose the right key for each of your belongings. Here’s what you should know about a few popular and safest types of keys, from chip keys to master keys.

Common Keys to Know

1. Chip Key

Also called a transponder key, a chip key features a microchip that’s programmed to your car. Often found on newer vehicles, this type of key activates a radio signal when it approaches the car or enters the ignition. Because they’re extremely difficult to duplicate, chip keys are excellent at preventing theft.

2. Sidewinder Key

A sidewinder key is also not easily duplicated because it contains ridges and patterns on both sides. In fact, duplicating a sidewinder key requires specialized machinery to cut both sides of the key. 

3. Master Key 

chip keysUnlike most keys, a master key can open multiple locks rather than just one. It offers increased convenience, as you can access a variety of locations without carrying a large number of keys. However, since it grants so much access, be sure not to lose it. Only give it to people you trust and keep it safe when it’s not in use. 

4. Tubular Key

Also known as a barrel key, a tubular key unlocks a tubular pin tumbler lock, which is often found on bikes and vending machines. Featuring a hollow, cylindrical shaft that’s wider and shorter than the shaft of a typical key, tubular keys are very difficult to duplicate.


When you need a key cut, turn to Black’s Hardware in Rochester, NY. For more than 70 years, the trusted team has offered convenient, affordable cutting services for a variety of keys, including chip keys and sidewinder keys. As a Certified Auto Chip Key Center, they also offer chip key programming to verified car owners. This hardware store also provides specialty keys featuring your favorite sports teams or fun themes. Visit them online to learn more information about their products and services, and call (585) 544-9896 to schedule an appointment. 

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