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How to Relieve Dry Eyes March 30, 2020

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How to Relieve Dry Eyes, Prospect, Connecticut

There are tiny glands around your eyes that create tears that keep your eyes lubricated, comfortable, and hydrated. Tears allow your eyes to wash away particulates and allergens that can cause irritation. When your glands are clogged, it can cause sensations like stinging, burning, or like something is stuck in your eye. Certain diseases, medication, and age can cause your eyes to secrete fewer tears, resulting in these uncomfortable sensations. Try these simple eye care home remedies to find relief.

3 Home Remedies for Relieving Dry Eyes

1. Artificial Tears

eye careThere are hundreds of brands of over-the-counter artificial tears, so speak with your doctor for an accurate depiction of what will work best for you. Brands with low viscosity are lighter and will provide temporary relief but may need to be reapplied a few times per day for lasting effects. High viscosity serums are gel-like and have longer-lasting effects but can cause blurred vision for a few minutes after applying.

2. Warm Compress

Glands in your eyelids can get clogged, which leads to dry eyes. A warm, wet washcloth will be able to open the pores and clear any debris from around your eyes. Place the washcloth over your affected eye for at least a minute while gently pressing on your eyelid to facilitate the cleaning of the area. Make sure the cloth is completely clean before placing it near your eye and only use it once to prevent infection. 

3. Air Humidifier & Filter

An air humidifier will add moisture to dry air to facilitate lubrication of your eyes. This method can be accompanied by an air filter that will clean the air of dust, debris, and allergens that can contribute to dry, itchy eyes.



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