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When you want the best optical care in Prospect, CT, visit Dr. Thomas Deluca Dr. Anthony Marciano & Associates. Their doctors know your eyes are one of your most important assets, and they are committed to serving the optical needs of every member of your family. Using traditional methods combined with cutting-edge technology, they’ll ensure that your vision receives top-of-the-line care. Whether you want a comprehensive eye exam, need new contact lenses, or are seeking treatment for an eye condition, they will meet all your eye care needs.

You know you’re in good hands at Dr. Thomas Deluca Dr. Anthony Marciano & Associates. The friendly, qualified staff is happy to help you with insurance issues, appointments, and any questions you have about office policies. You can always count on this optical care practice to strive to make your experience comfortable and convenient.

Dr. Thomas Deluca Dr. Anthony Marciano & Associates doesn’t limit their skilled services to just optical health care. They know making your eyes look good is just as important as keeping them healthy. When you need corrective lenses, they provide contacts, designer frames, and sports frames to match your style and meet the needs of your daily life. Not sure which frames are right for you? You can check out their handy guide on selecting frames in the shape and size that best complement your features.

Keep your eyes healthy and looking great with a visit to Dr. Thomas Deluca Dr. Anthony Marciano & Associates. Contact them at (203) 758-4447 to schedule your next appointment. You can also learn more about their provided services or view their inventory of contact lenses and frames when you visit them online.

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