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3 Common Causes of a Starter Malfunction March 2, 2020

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3 Common Causes of a Starter Malfunction, De Kalb, Texas

A starter is needed to crank the internal combustion engine that moves your vehicle, so when it malfunctions, you might end up stranded. Typical signs of starter failure include a clicking, whirring, or grinding noise when you turn the ignition. An auto technician can diagnose and repair your vehicle, but here are some possible causes of the problem.

Why Is Your Starter Not Working?

1. Incorrect Connections

Sometimes the wiring in your starter system can come loose or be damaged by wear and tear, which will cause a clicking sound when you try to start your car. The trigger wire or connection with the solenoid are the likely culprits, but a mechanic can run a diagnostics program to verify which one needs repair.

2. Faulty Solenoid Switches  

starter-texasThe solenoid is a relay switch that moves metal contacts into place in order to close a circuit so your car can start. This part is infamous for getting overheated. A damaged solenoid switch can also cause a clicking noise when you turn the key. It usually requires a total replacement. 

3. Damaged Single-Pinion Gear

The pinion gear helps the starter get the engine spinning, but if worn or missing teeth are present on the gear wheel, it has trouble meshing with the flywheel to accomplish this. The result is usually a grinding noise as the two of them grate against each other. The starter motor will need to be replaced before the flywheel experiences too much damage.


If your car’s starter gives you trouble, Eubanks Auto Electric, Inc. in De Kalb, TX, can diagnose the cause and make the appropriate repairs. For 66 years, their technicians have specialized in fixing starters and alternators and have the experience to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. Call (903) 667-2081 to schedule an appointment or visit them online to learn more about their offerings.

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