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If you experience problems with your car’s starter or alternator, Eubanks Auto Electric will know how to solve the issue. Their expert technicians have serviced foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and off-road equipment in all makes and models in the De Kalb, TX, area since 1954. If your lawn mower needs starter repair, your truck alternator isn’t charging the battery, or your ATV won’t start, they know how to get it working again.

The professionals at Eubanks Auto Electric take pride in providing the best service possible. When you bring in your vehicle, you’ll receive a free estimate. Once the problem is diagnosed, the fix is completed quickly and properly — usually in the same day — to minimize your wait. Eubanks Auto Electric not only provides reliable and quality repairs but they also offer competitive prices that won’t hurt your wallet. Their friendly staff wants to ensure there is clear communication between you and the team, and they encourage you to ask any questions or let them know if you have any concerns.

Eubanks Auto Electric has also built a reputation of honesty among their clients. If the repairs for your current starter or alternator are not cost-effective, they will provide a replacement from their own inventory. As a carrier of the largest supply of starters and alternators in the four-state area, they will find a part to match the make and model of your vehicle.

A broken starter or alternator can put your vehicle out of commission at a time when you need it most. Choose Eubanks Auto Electric for quick, effective repairs at affordable prices. Call them at (903) 667-2081, or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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