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Why Schedule AC Repairs During Winter? February 4, 2020

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Why Schedule AC Repairs During Winter?, Cleveland, Georgia

Your home’s cooling system keeps your space comfortable throughout the warmest months of the year. On a particularly hot day, you don’t want to have to deal with an HVAC breakdown. As such, if you know you need air conditioning repairs, winter is an excellent time to get them done. Below are a few of the many advantages of fixing your AC during the winter.

4 Reasons to Get Air Conditioning Repairs in Winter 

1. Allows More Scheduling Freedom

Since air conditioning contractors are often less business during colder months, you’ll have a better chance of booking a repair appointment that fits into your schedule. In some cases, you might even get a same-day appointment. This prevents you from having to wait days or weeks after business picks up.

2. Offers Reduced Rates 

air conditioning repairSince winter is a slow season for HVAC contractors, many companies offer reduced rates. Rather than paying full price on air conditioning repairs in the middle of summer, having a technician handle them now will likely provide you with generous discounts. 

3. Gives Time to Consider Upgrades 

If you keep paying for the same air conditioning repairs every year, taking care of them in winter will give you some time to think about replacing your unit. If you decide to get a new one, use the months leading up to summer to research brands, models, and features. 

4. Ensures You’re Ready for Summer

Repairing your AC in the winter will ensure that your household will be ready for the warm months. Instead of turning on your air conditioner only to find out that it blows lukewarm air, has coolant leaks, or doesn’t run at all, you’ll enjoy a steady stream of cool air immediately. 


The next time you need air conditioning repairs, contact the team at Peak Performance Heating and Air. This HVAC contractor offers cooling and heating inspections, installations, and maintenance to clients throughout Cleveland, GA. Call (706) 219-1016 to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repairs, and visit the website to learn more about how they can keep your property comfortable.