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What Does an HVAC Service Inspection Involve? December 3, 2018

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What Does an HVAC Service Inspection Involve?, Cleveland, Georgia

An HVAC service inspection can help you ensure that your system is in working order through every season. During the process, your contractor will check a variety of components and look for leaks, electrical issues, or buildup that could cause the equipment to work less efficiently. Here are some of the main parts of your system that should be on your contractor’s checklist during every inspection.

3 Important Parts of an HVAC Service Inspection

1. Filters

When dust and debris enter your ventilation system, your filters are designed to catch them so they don’t continue to circulate through your home. However, when the filter fills up, it can cause clogs and make it difficult for air to effectively travel through your HVAC system. This means it takes more energy — and costs more money — to regulate the temperature in your home. Your contractor should check your filters during an inspection and change them if necessary.

2. Thermostat

HVAC systemYour thermostat is the component that communicates your ideal temperature and other settings with the rest of your HVAC system. If the connection gets interrupted or if there’s an electrical issue that causes the thermostat to malfunction, it can drastically impact the comfort of your home. Your inspector should check all of the electrical components to ensure there’s a strong connection.

3. Coils

The coils of an HVAC unit are responsible for transferring heat between components. Over time, debris can build up on these mechanisms, making the whole process less efficient. Your inspector should carefully inspect the coils of your HVAC unit and clean them if necessary to ensure the system is energy efficient.


These are just a few of the important parts of an HVAC service inspection. For a full explanation and walk-through, contact the professionals at Peak Performance Heating & Air in Cleveland, GA. The family-owned and -operated HVAC contractor offers a wide array of repair services and maintenance options at affordable prices. From furnace repair to air conditioner installation, they can walk you through all the options and help you understand the steps that will lead to a more comfortable and energy efficient home. Call (706) 219-1016 or contact the team online to request service today. 

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