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What’s the Difference Between Landline & VoIP Business Phone Services? February 14, 2020

Ambler, Montgomery County
What’s the Difference Between Landline & VoIP Business Phone Services?, Ambler, Pennsylvania

Business phone services are an essential link to the world, which is why reliability and versatility are a must. If you’re upgrading your system and currently choosing between landline and VoIP options, you know that each of these has advantages. To ensure you make the right decision for your budget and needs, consider the following.


Landline phones are what most people are familiar with. They function by connecting to a building system and then to a larger city-wide grid of underground and above-ground lines. These then link to a national network, forming the total landline grid.

Any time you place a call, it travels on these landlines. Many people have preferred this system for its reliability and call quality, and many properties also come with landline infrastructure built-in. However, if your business grows, you’ll need a new installation to scale it.

business phone servicesLandlines are also run by major telecom providers and have a lot of moving parts. If a landline breaks, the whole grid suffers, and you’ll have to wait on technicians to repair the issues. Making international calls can also be pricey, so multinational corporations may want to consider alternatives.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone services operate exclusively over the internet. Your service provider will connect them to your existing system, and you can begin calling right away. This seamless connectivity makes VoIP much easier to set up, and since you don't need extensive infrastructure upgrades, it scales well.

VoIP is also a newer technology that's improving every day. As a result, you'll enjoy a variety of add-on services, including call-forwarding, digital concierge service, computer voicemails, and video conferencing. Since VoIP operates over the internet, it can be cheaper, especially when making international calls. However, keep in mind that reliability and call quality will depend on the quality of the internet service you choose.


If you’re ready to upgrade your business phone services, contact Communications Deployment Partners. This company works with businesses of every size throughout Ambler, PA, and the surrounding region. This skilled team is backed by over 10 years of experience connecting clients with SD-WAN services, cybersecurity, business internet services, and more. Visit their website to explore their full scope of work, and connect on Facebook for news and updates. To speak with a sales associate, call (215) 343-5580.

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