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5 Steps to Create Your Own Gym Routine February 17, 2020

Clearview, Snohomish
5 Steps to Create Your Own Gym Routine, Clearview, Washington

While many people choose to go to the gym without a set schedule, it may take a longer time to see real results without a solid exercise routine. Many people with new gym memberships aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to forming a workout plan. Use the following guide to get started planning your new workout routine and start seeing the fitness results you want.

How to Create a Gym Routine

1. Be Consistent

The most important part of seeing results from any exercise routine is to be consistent with your training. Begin by listing the days of the week that you are free to go on a piece of paper and choose three to five that will be your gym days. Next, promise yourself that, no matter what, you will exercise on these days. You can plan them around your workdays and have the weekends off or exercise every other day. 

2. Schedule Recovery Time

gymAfter you’ve chosen your workout days, it is important to rest on your off days. Choose one active day and one rest day to act as your two recovery days. These recovery days will help you heal from intense training sessions and can include activities such as yoga, long walks, swimming, or foam rolling and myofascial release.

3. Add Variety

Change up your rep schemes, miles, times, activities, and loads on your exercise days to avoid doing workouts with the same patterns over and over again. By adding variety to your plan, you can avoid injuries as well as mental burnout. Opt for several different activities that build up your strengths while addressing your deficiencies. One day can be cardio-based, the next leg-focused, and another can be reserved for your core. 

4. Challenge Yourself

Gradually increase the difficulty of your exercises to help you make consistent progress. Up the volume, load, or speed of completion every four to six weeks to avoid plateauing. You can either increase the difficulty linearly or create a program that increases, decreases, and increases again if you’re at a more advanced level.

5. Keep Track of Your Progress

The only way to know which parts of your plan are working and which aren’t is to track your progress diligently. Keep records of your stats such as your mileage, loads, and times and your subjective data such as your mental state, recovery level, and the way your body feels.


Begin your new exercise program by joining Life & Elite Fitness in Snohomish, WA. This gym has all the equipment you need to help you meet your goals, regardless of your current fitness levels. If you don’t want to create your own routine, you can also take advantage of their various personal training options. Find out more about the gym online or learn about membership options by calling (206) 450-0964.

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