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3 Reasons to Change Your Garage Door Rollers This Winter January 31, 2020

Rochester, Monroe
3 Reasons to Change Your Garage Door Rollers This Winter, Rochester, New York

Rollers are the wheels attached to your garage door that allow it to roll up and down smoothly over the tracks. If they aren’t functioning properly, your door will stop opening and closing correctly. Whether they have already started to malfunction or not, it’s essential to regularly inspect them to see if a replacement is needed. Here’s why you should consider replacing them this winter. 

Why Change Your Garage Door Rollers in Winter?

1. Make Your Springs Last Longer

Worn rollers put unnecessary strain on your door springs. If they aren’t moving smoothly up and down the tracks, the springs have to work harder to raise and lower the door. Avoid excess wear on the springs by inspecting and lubricating your rollers annually. Check for rust, cracks, and other signs of excessive wear and tear.

2. Replace Rusted or Broken Rollers

garage doorsIf your garage door doesn’t open and close correctly, you could be letting in cold air unnecessarily. To prevent this, inspect your door for any rusted or broken rollers and have a garage door technician replace them if necessary. Rusty springs and rollers are prone to breaking suddenly, causing the door to malfunction. Look for a reddish-brown color on the metal parts of your equipment when inspecting for rust.

3. Improve Cold Weather Performance

During an especially cold winter, your garage door rollers may freeze over. Freezing occurs when snow and ice accumulate on your house and door, melt into the rollers and springs, and refreeze. By lubricating them and replacing those that are damaged, you can prevent your door from freezing shut. Have a garage door professional lubricate the rollers to prevent accidental damage.


To have your garage door rollers serviced or replaced, contact Felluca Overhead Doors Inc. in Rochester, NY. With more than 100 years of experience, this company is one of the most trusted in the area. They have been family-owned and -operated for four generations and offer short turnaround times for every service. Make your appointment today by calling (585) 467-2391, or learn more online.

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