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For the highest-quality garage door repair, maintenance, and installation services, look no further than Felluca Overhead Doors Inc., Rochester's #1 garage door company for customer satisfaction. With over 100 years in the industry, this family-owned company possesses an unmatched level of experience and expertise, providing quality and service that have been trusted for generations.

As a certified Wayne Dalton dealer, you can rely on Felluca Overhead Doors to use only the highest-quality materials from one of the largest manufacturers in the country. Their doors are leaders in not only attractiveness and durability, but are also among the most energy efficient on the market, with innovative safety features that prevent closing doors from pinching fingers and damaging property. Their warehouse and showroom contain a vast selection of garage doors, with most models in stock and available right away.

Felluca Overhead Doors also offers repairs and maintenance service on equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers, with an extensive inventory of parts and supplies on hand, as well as emergency garage door repair services, with after-hours help available when you need it most. Most importantly, they never hire subcontractors, so your work will always be performed by a highly trained employee and completed to the highest possible standards.

For the most durable, attractive garage doors and installation you can trust, visit Felluca Overhead Doors Inc. online or call (585) 467-2391 for a quote today.

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During a blizzard, a broken garage door can be a true disaster, stranding you and your car out in the cold. Even if it doesn't stick, though, the winter poses some risks that more
  Felluca Overhead Door in Rochester, NY, is proud to be a certified dealer of Wayne Dalton Doors. They’re known as one of the largest manufacturers in the United States, more
If you want to make your home “smarter” as the New Year draws closer, consider some of the recent technology upgrades that newer homes include; they feature an integrated wireless more
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When it comes to choosing overhead doors for your home or commercial property, quality is key. It’s important to work with a garage door company that carries only the best more
Classes are resuming and the weather is beginning to cool. Now is the ideal time to schedule remodeling work and garage door replacement or repairs, before cold temperatures set in more
Book your FREE on-site garage door estimate and design session with our specialist. We will be able to take a good look at your current garage door, recommend a new one and even more
Broken garage doors open up a vast array of undesirable situations. Whether it’s a bitterly cold day in winter or the most blisteringly hot day of summer, having a broken garage more
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The garage door may be a secondary way into your home, but it’s still a key part of your property’s facade in addition to a crucial safety amenity. Felluca Overhead Door of more
You usually don’t think about your garage door unless you need access to your garage. So how can you tell when your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced? Felluca Overhead more
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A malfunctioning garage door risks your safety and the security of your home in addition to being just plain inconvenient. Felluca Overhead Door in Rochester, NY, has been in more
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If your garage door is off its frame or your overhead door only opens half the time, these are signs you need a new door. The team at Felluca Overhead Door knows that ignoring these more
Selling your house is a big step, and you need to improve your home's curb appeal to attract buyers. Most people think that means landscaping, but don't forget about your exterior more
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Whether you need garage door repair or you’re installing a brand new one, you always need an experienced and qualified professional for the job. The experts at Felluca Overhead Door more
When you install a new garage door, you want your investment to last for many years. The best way to ensure it remains in good working condition is to have a routine maintenance more
What makes Felluca Overhead Door the best garage door company in Rochester, NY? Well, aside from the fact that they install only the highest quality overhead doors available on more
Are you planning DIY fixes on a malfunctioning garage door? Not so fast, say the experts at Rochester, NY’s top garage door repair company, Felluca Overhead Door. According to them, more
If you have young children, you know there are many potential safety hazards around your house. The bathroom and the kitchen are the primary suspects, but what about the garage? more
Just like everything else on your property, your garage door needs special care to preserve and protect it during the winter months. To help you make sure that snow and ice are no more
Whether you need a new residential or commercial garage door, want to install an exterior overhead door, or just need a service appointment for your current garage door and opener, more
Since 1932, Felluca Overhead Door has provided exceptional service for customers in Rochester who are looking to repair or replace their garage doors. With an extensive inventory, more
Getting in the holiday spirit is simple. Sometimes it only requires a little bit of your time. Whether it is donating your money or volunteering at a homeless shelter, there is no more
Your garage door is a gateway; not only does it need to look good, it also needs to function properly. Whatever you decide to use it for, your garage’s overhead door needs to more
Have you been wanting to give back to the community during the holidays but aren’t sure what to do? Well, it’s as easy as simply “liking” Felluca Overhead Door on Facebook. Starting more
Your garage is an entrance to your property, and most likely gets a lot of use every day, which leads to wear and tear. Felluca Overhead Door in Rochester, NY, specializes more
From high-quality overhead doors to garage door repair and beyond, Felluca Overhead Door handles all of your exterior door needs easily and seamlessly. The business is Rochester, more
Most people who own a home or other piece of property often own a garage along with it. And of course, with that garage comes a garage door. Eventually, every garage door will need more
Whether you're looking to prepare your home for the winter with a better insulated garage door or it's simply time to update an outdated door, Felluca Overhead Door of more
Are you searching for a stunning and practical garage door for your home or business? Wayne Dalton doors have been setting the standard for beauty, durability, and performance since more
A garage door provides a solid measure of safety for your home, vehicle, and family. Garage doors, however, are large and heavy and can present some safety risks. Felluca more
Family-owned Felluca Overhead Door has been selling and installing quality garage doors in Rochester, NY for over three generations—Rochester's oldest and most experienced more
Accidents happen, and sometimes even the most careful drivers accidentally damage their garage doors. When that happens, dealing with the insurance company can be a hassle, so why more
You need to be able to trust your garage door. At Felluca Overhead Door Inc., we sell and install some of the finest products from major manufacturers. Because we use only highly more
If you’re like most homeowners, you take a lot of pride in the appearance of your home; inside and out, your house is your castle. So what can you do to further enhance its more
The spring and summer are the ideal months for home renovations, with optimal weather for outdoor work and excellent spring deals and discounts. In the greater Rochester, NY more
Experience. Expertise. Quality service. Unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. That’s what you’ll get when you work with the staff at Felluca Overhead Door, Rochester’s more