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Caring for Aging Loved Ones in the Winter January 17, 2020

Toms River, Ocean County
Caring for Aging Loved Ones in the Winter, Toms River, New Jersey

During the winter, you might spend more time with your loved ones. It’s also important to consider your loved one’s health when you aren’t there, especially while winter’s chill is still lingering. Use the following senior care guide to ensure your relative or friend is safe throughout the season.

Common Winter Risks for Seniors

In addition to the more obvious threats of slipping and falling on patches of ice, seniors face a number of other risks during the winter. For one, their body fat supplies may be lower, making it harder for them to regulate their body temperature. This increases the risk of hypothermia, especially if they forget to wear layers. Elderly individuals with memory disorders are particularly prone to injuries during the colder months, as they may forget to take medicine or bundle up.

Heart attacks and strokes are more common in the winter, as the temperatures cause arteries to constrict, and labor-intensive activities such as snow shoveling increase blood pressure. The colder weather also weakens the immune system, making it harder for seniors to avoid and heal from viruses and infections.

Senior Care Suggestions

senior careIf you’re hoping to prevent your elderly loved one from these risks, keep a watchful eye on their day-to-day activities. For example, make sure they get dressed in clothing appropriate for the day’s forecast. If they have more difficulty walking or keeping their balance, make sure they have someone to hold their hand when they step out on a slippery deck, patio, or path.

If they have heart conditions or have had a stroke in the past, be vigilant about their medications to ensure they’re taking the right doses at the right times. 

Establish a backup plan for winter power outages. If the power cuts out, they could lose heating in their home, refrigeration for their medications, and power for their phones and medical equipment. Consider setting up a backup generator, which will kick on as soon as the main power goes out.



If you’re worried about your elderly loved one but aren’t able to watch them around the clock this winter, consider Visiting Angels Toms River. This senior care agency based in Bay Head, NJ, serves clients throughout Ocean and Monmouth counties. Depending on your family needs, you can hire caregivers on an hourly, daily, or live-in basis to provide meals, perform cleaning, run errands, and a number of other crucial tasks. To learn more about the agency, visit their website. You can also call them at (732) 240-1050.