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Visiting Angels is a national network of in-home care providers dedicated to serving seniors and their loved ones with professional caregiving at every level. The independently owned and operated Bay Head, New Jersey-based home care agency serves Ocean County, Monmouth County, and the communities therein. A team of fully-bonded, licensed, and insured caregivers works tirelessly to help seniors age gracefully and with the utmost dignity, while remaining in their own homes.

The Visiting Angels difference is defined by a fully-customizable care plan determined by the needs of each individual. Whatever the range and involvement of home care services required, the experienced home care providers will always exceed the family’s expectations. You’ll have the chance to meet your caregiver and determine whether your personalities are compatible. Visiting Angels will never switch your services or caregiver without an explicit request; ensuring seniors remain as comfortable as possible with their trusted companion.

In-home care from Visiting Angels can be on an hourly, daily, or live-in basis and is available whenever necessary, whether that means part-time or on holidays and weekends. The range of services available to seniors in New Jersey includes:

  • Companionship
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Housekeeping
  • Errands and Shopping
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

For personalized in-home care for your loved one, Visiting Angels has the professionalism, experience, and support system you can trust. The senior care agency will help seniors live as independently as possible with the kind of care that does not interrupt daily life, but seeks to protect it. To find out more about in-home care in New Jersey, contact Visiting Angels in Bay Head today.

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Grandparents play an important role in every culture, and it’s important that your grandchildren connect with them. Physical distance, senior care issues, and generational gaps can more
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Children’s minds are constantly developing, learning, and absorbing new information. However, if one of their grandparents or another relative is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it may more
Scams have become increasingly prevalent in the digital age, and consumers of all ages must be diligent to avoid swindlers who try to get their hands on people’s personal data. more
If you’re providing elderly care to someone with dementia, you need to take many precautions to help them remain safe during the summer. Whether they’re on a quick outing away from more
Seniors suffering from dementia can have difficulty communicating with those they love. This biological brain disorder affects a person's memory along with their ability to think more
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Cholesterol is much misunderstood. Many people associate cholesterol with poor health, but the body actually needs cholesterol to thrive. Knowing about cholesterol is helpful more
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As loved ones get older, it can be difficult to see them struggle with day-to-day activities like cooking, cleaning, and taking medications. As such, you may opt to invest in senior more
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It can be hard to tell when an older family member can no longer safely care for themselves, and they may be reluctant to admit they need help. However, home care will allow more
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Nutrition is important at any age, but even more so for older adults. As you age, cell turnover begins to slow down, making it more difficult for your body to repair itself as it more
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Aging is a fact of life, but there are steps everyone can take to ensure that their twilight years are as healthy as possible. Quality senior care puts a special focus on these more
If you are caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to create a stress-free home environment. As the disease progresses, your loved one will rely more
At one point or another, many of us have to talk to our parents about moving out of their home and into a place where they have easy access to senior care. While this is more
You’ve probably heard people say that laughter is the best medicine. While there is no real replacement for medical care, laughter can reduce the need for it—especially in more
If you have taken over meal prep tasks for an aging relative, you may be wondering what kinds of dishes will promote a healthy body and mind. Luckily, the compassionate caregivers more
Many families experience a parent-child role reversal as parents age and their adult children assume the role of caregiver. Although it is rewarding to help the people you more
The holiday season is a joyous time, but sadly it can also be a time of greed and deception. Scammers have been known to increase their efforts to deceive the elderly at more
The holiday season is a time when friends and family gather to celebrate traditions together. For elderly people, especially those who require senior care, the more
Now that Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is almost here, the weather is cooling down, and that means winter is right around the corner. Winter hits New Jersey hard every year, more
Looking after an elderly family member can be an overwhelming job, especially if you are also responsible for your own family and are working. If this sounds like you, a geriatric more
At some point, your elderly parents may reach a stage where they don’t need around-the-clock home care, but they could benefit from moving into an independent living more
Companionship is one of the most basic human needs. As children age and start their own lives and long-time friends pass on, it becomes increasingly important for seniors to get more
Taking care of an older or ill family member presents trials, both emotionally and physically. These challenges are the primary reason why it’s essential for caregivers to seek more
When you find out that someone close to you has Alzheimer’s disease, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and powerless. Thanks to Visiting Angels, an in-home care provider in Toms River, more
As people age, it’s common for them to want to remain at home as long as possible. If you have an elderly loved one who could benefit from home care and doesn’t need the type of more
Summer is here, and every member of your family should enjoy the gorgeous New Jersey beach weather. Home care professionals, however, understand that keeping everyone healthy — more
As you age, paying special attention to your health and diet is necessary to maintain a happy, healthy life. However, that doesn’t mean meals have to be bland and boring. more
For many, the thought of being placed, or of placing a loved one, in an elderly care facility can be heartbreaking. But don't let preconceived notions of senior care get in the way,& more
When your loved ones need assistance but want to retain their independence, Visiting Angels in Toms River, NJ, recommends signing them up for senior companionship care more
While eating healthfully is always important, it takes on special meaning when it comes to senior care. Not only is good nutrition essential for good physical health, but meal more
An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be difficult to cope with, not only for the person afflicted by the disease but for their loved ones. At Visiting Angels in Toms River, NJ, the more
Without proper care and precaution, the summer months can take a toll on an elderly individuals’ health. With that in mind, the senior care personnel at Visiting Angels in Toms more
When it comes to senior care, the caregiver needs to be attuned to the needs of his or her charge; this means not only providing the support needed for independent living but also more
Age eventually catches up to all of us and can make it difficult to complete everyday tasks. If you are seeking out a home care professional for an elderly parent, it’s important to more
If you or your loved one have experienced recent changes in behavior and you’re wondering if it could be a sign of Alzheimer’s, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the more
When it comes to quality geriatric care, it is important to ensure that all of your loved one’s needs are addressed. From assistance with dressing and grooming to meal prep to the more
The human body cannot function for too long without water, so staying hydrated is important no matter your age or the season. Hydration is even more important for older adults, and more
Do you notice that your loved one is withdrawn? Have they lost interest in the holidays? If sadness has replaced their enthusiasm, they may be suffering from depression. Elderly more
At the senior care provider Visiting Angels in Toms River, New Jersey, compassionate caregivers dedicate themselves to the elderly, helping them live healthy and happy lives. more
Alzheimer's disease is a terminal condition that affects some 44 million people around the globe, not to mention the friends, family members, and caregivers who love them. Since more
Fall is here and you know what that means—pumpkins, hot apple cider, colorful leaves and chilly weather! There are so many things to enjoy about this time of year and it can be more
Every year, a staggering 170,000—or 1 out of 20—deaths are attributed to stroke, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Though not all of the 795,000 cases are fatal, more
Financial scams are so common among the elderly that they’ve been labeled the “crime of the 21st century.” Older individuals are believed to have large amounts of money in more
Any person seeking a home care service for their elderly loved ones understandably wants to be guaranteed the best, most trustworthy caregivers. When people choose Visiting more
Visiting Angels of Toms River, New Jersey has long been known for its holistic approach to elderly care and home care service. For them, it’s not just about maintaining independent more
Alzheimer's disease is the most common forms of dementia. A diagnosis of Alzheimer's is scary and challenging in itself, but a proliferation of myths surrounding the disease more
If you’re a senior or the caregiver of an aging loved one, you probably have a lot of health issues—either real or potential—on your mind. But did you know that getting enough more
Many people spend hours each day racing around town to take care of their kids—from school and soccer practice to grocery runs and special events, it can make for some busy days! more
It’s very important to understand the symptoms and signs of bed sores, and to ensure healing is achieved with the proper measures. Failure to do so can easily result in severely more
Each year, more than three million cases of osteoporosis are diagnosed. It strikes individuals with low bone mass, and though it is most common among older women, it can happen to more
As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to health conditions. One of these issues is high blood pressure. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure makes the heart work more
The home care service professionals from Visiting Angels in Toms River, NJ know that the key to happy and healthy seniors is maintaining an active lifestyle. Studies show that more
It’s never too late to improve your driving skills. That’s why the senior care experts at Visiting Angels in Toms River recommend that all seniors take refresher courses for more
For Visiting Angels in Toms River, New Jersey's best elderly care service, every day is a day to celebrate good health. But they want you to join in, too, and this April, more
Losing one’s hearing can be a frightening and jarring experience for a senior. Knowing the symptoms, getting help early, and staying on top of any ear-related issues can ensure that more
Physical activity is especially important for older adults, as moderate exercise helps prevent injury, improves mood, promotes heart health, and combats the progression of dementia. more
St. Patrick’s Day has grown to become a national celebration enjoyed by people of all ethnic backgrounds across the country. In addition to the parades and neighborhood barbecues, more
In the elderly population, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries; in fact, according to the CDC, one out of three adults over the age of 65 falls every more
As you age, your skin grows thinner, making it dry out more easily. The problem of dry skin is even worse in the wintertime, when both the bite of frigid air outside and the warmth more
Knowing what to do about an aging parent can be difficult. In many instances, elderly loved ones are not ready to leave their homes—nor is there a need for them to with more
Is it time to consider elder care services for your loved one? Whether the seniors in your life are in need of dementia care or help with day-to-day tasks, the experienced, more
One of the best things about today’s world is all the modern conveniences it offers. When some activities of daily living get to be too taxing, there’s usually an option to make more
Making sure your elderly family member or loved one gets the home care he or she needs can be an incredibly difficult, emotionally taxing process. In an ideal world, you could be more
Worried that you or your elderly loved one isn’t eating a balanced diet? The caregivers at Visiting Angels NJ Bay Head offer a number of different home care services, including meal more
For any family, a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease can be devastating news. It is difficult to know where to turn to for help and how to provide daily care for your loved one. The more
Visiting Angels -Toms River, the Bay Head, New Jersey-based home care agency, has created two programs to increase road safety, not only for those seniors on the road, but for more
Quality in-home care is hard to find, especially for the elderly. Visiting Angels of Tom's River serves Ocean and Southern Monmouth Counties with customized in home care more
Accidental falls are one of the biggest dangers that elderly people face when they are home alone. In fact, 75% of all falls leading to death in the U.S. occur in the elderly more
Families can and should be involved in the care of their elderly loved ones. Some home care services make it difficult for families to participate in the caregiving process, even more