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Advice for Fixing Basement Moisture Problems January 2, 2020

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Advice for Fixing Basement Moisture Problems, Norwood, Ohio

Moisture in your basement can lead to mold and mildew growth as well as causing extensive structural damage. Whether the moisture is the result of leaky basement walls or another cause, failing to recognize it leads to worsening problems. This overview points to the most common causes of basement moisture so you can resolve problems as they arise.

4 Common Causes of Basement Moisture

1. Bad Plumbing

Sometimes moisture isn’t the result of a leaky basement wall or foundation. Bad pipe connections and fittings in your plumbing system may be at fault. You can usually tell if you have a plumbing problem by looking at where in the basement the moisture is occurring. If moisture appears below a kitchen or bathroom, have the plumbing in those rooms inspected and any leaky pipes or appliances repaired or replaced.

2. Poor Grading

Grading refers to the slope of the land surrounding your home. If it’s not properly graded, or if erosion changes the slope over time, rainwater may accumulate around the base of your home. Although basement waterproofing will help keep water from damaging the interior, have the terrain regraded to prevent water from pooling.

3. Leaky Basement Walls Leaky Basement

Cracks allowing rainwater to seep into a basement may form for several reasons. Accumulations of water may degrade a foundation. Failing to divert water away from a house will lead to cracking. Shifts in the joists that uphold floors and walls may allow cracks to form. Installation of  anchor bolts and other types of connectors may prevent cracking from occurring in the future by stabilizing joists.

4. Damaged Roofing or Gutters

Before securing basement leak repairs, have your roof inspected. Missing or damaged shingles allow rainwater access and seepage into basements along foundation walls. Improperly positioned or damaged gutters and downspouts can produce the same results. When necessary, have your roof or gutters repaired to prevent rainfall problems.


Contact an experienced contractor to repair problems with your leaky basement. Located in Cincinnati, OH, Reliable Crack Injection has the tools and skills to help you restore your home’s foundation. They’ll help you waterproof your basement so it stays dry even in winter weather, working nights and weekends to get the job done as promptly as possible. To schedule a free consultation, call (513) 368-4366, or visit them online for more information about their services.

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